Winter Forests Tints and Shades

Deer and Tree Stand, Kindergarten

Four Tall Trees, First Grade

My K-1 students have become fantastic painters!  This month we worked on making tints and shades.  I wanted to introduce the vocabulary and teach them how to make colors lighter and darker.   I like incorporating fun seasonal projects if they teach important skills and aren’t just crafty lessons.  Everyone had fun with this one, and some of my kindergartners remembered tints and shades a week after I taught Day One!  They are so smart!

Day One:

  • Fold paper into four parts.  This is harder than you may think.  We folded it in half like a book and I told them to read their books while I helped others fold their papers.  Then we folded our book in half to make an even smaller book. 
  • Unfold and draw lines to show the four sections
  • Paint one section green by mixing blue and yellow
  • Paint another section green with green paint straight out of the bottle
  • Use bottle green and white to make light green
  • Use bottle green and black to paint dark green

Day Two:

  • Talk about characteristics of triangles and find triangles in the room
  • Show how to cut triangles without drawing them on the paper (Cut two crooked lines)
  • Glue triangle to white paper (Just a dot, not a lot!)
  • Glue brown pre-cut construction paper rectangles for the trunks. Students can cut them smaller if needed
  • Use crayons to decorate trees and/or complete their forests

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