The first Night of the Arts at my elementary school was a success!  This year, the music teacher and I worked to combine the arts into one program.  The evening began in the cafeteria with the art exhibit and then concluded in the multipurpose room with the musical performances. 

My goal was to transform the large cafeteria into space that felt more intimate and inviting.  As soon as the big banners went up, I could feel the room start to change.  It was a lot of art to get up in just a few hours after school, but I did manage to get most of it up with the help of a good friend.  I had spent two weeks pulling artwork from student folders and two weeks taping art to the butcher paper, always worried that I wouldn’t have enough.  I actually had a few extras, even if I had hung the banners on the small wall that I did not get to. 

Next year, I want to make sure that all of the large paper is cut evenly and to cut the paper to cover the tables beforehand.   I would also like to have one other person help me.  I had one friend help me set up this year, but another would make things go a bit faster because it takes two people to hang the large papers.

My principal and the teachers told me that they very impressed, and many parents spoke highly of the night.  I really appreciated all of their kind words.  One of my goals for my first year teaching was to have an event like this, and it exceeded my expectations.  I think that my kids enjoyed it, too, which is most important. 

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