Collagraph Prints (2-5)

I have made quite a few revisions of this lesson during the past week.  It took about a day to figure out how to manage the supplies and process of printing to get nice results and make things simple for my students.   

What worked:  Tables were covered in paper and divided into two sections- Paper (clean), Plates (messy).  Students got their papers ready on the paper side, inked plates on the plates side and slid plates over to the paper side for printing.  Two people printed at a time, while the third person was the helper who made sure they followed each step and helped move papers to the counters and drying rack.

The brayers ended up not working for this lesson because our plates were so textured.  We applied paint with brushes and used our hands to press the papers down and get in the grooves around the beans and noodles.  My 5th graders made three prints, the other grades made two. 

This was a perfect lesson to use up the gallons of cheap, thick paint with little pigment that I inherited from the previous teacher.  I mixed it with a little Crayola paint for more pigment. 

This lesson went very well for fifth grade and fourth grade.  Third was a little difficult, but it depended on the class.  This grade tends to be more difficult in general.  I think third graders as a whole could handle it.  I don’t think I will do this project with second grade again because the process was a little too complicated. 

Overall, the results were pretty great!  There really are some beautiful ones from all grade levels.  Students loved the surprise of lifting up their papers after they had been printed.  The biggest problem may have been papers scooting, but we stressed holding papers down with one hand and pressing around the textures with the other hand.

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